I have tried more than 10 different acne products and spas before I met Sara Jamison. By this time, I have been very frustrated by the result that I was getting from using so many different products and treatment. None of them seem to heal my skin, instead most of the product I've used really dried up my entire face. After I have my first facial with Sara Jamison, she asked me if I would be interested in committing myself to her acne peel series. I was reluctant at first because of the number of products that I might have to purchase, but because I had read good reviews of Sara Jamison, I decided to give another try, hopefully the last one. Sara really taught me how to maintain hydration and moisture for my skin. I always thought using a moisturizer causes oily skin, but I was completely wrong. It was absolutely important for me to use moisturizer to heal skin from acne faster. Especially, I noticed that my skin is healing a lot faster when I use retinol products and a lot of moisturizer after each peel. After the first series of peel, I CLEARLY noticed that my skin is so much smoother and brighter. I did not have to use so much make-up to cover up the acne. All the bumpy spots are gone now that I have gone through two series of acne peel with Sara. Although I know the products that Sara recommends to use are not cheap at all, but knowing that Sara cares about my skin as much as I do (really, she does), I know that I made a right choice especially now that my skin is healthy looking. I am continuing to use products to remove few remaining scars, but ever since Sara taught me how to take care of my skin, I feel like I know what to do when I have a minor breakouts. Few of my asian friends seems to be concerned when I recommend them to go see Sara because they feel that Sara might not know how to work with asian skin. Being asian myself, I am more than sensitive and careful with my skin. For those who are skeptical, I confidently advise you not to be concerned with whether Sara knows how to treat skins that are of different race. People around me compliments on how great my skin looks nowadays! -- R. Park

I have been a long term customer of Sara's for over 2 and a half years. In that time my skin has been transformed by her peels, facials and products. I had some acne scarring and just general un-even skin tone and blotchiness which now is barely noticeable. Also my skin looks younger and fresher overall than ever before. I cannot recommend her series of peels and her facials enough. In addition, her facials and the whole environment of the spa are very relaxing and soothing while at the same time working magic on your skin. -- Michele, Boston

Thank you for the great facial today! You have been the best therapist I have ever visited and I certainly do wish I could transport you over to England so I could continue having the wonderful facials you provide over there. The standard of service you provide is excellent - I normally feel like i am asleep for half the facial!! I hope to be back again when I return to Boston in the future. Thanks again for the treatments - my skin feels so much better since i visited you. The treatments are very effective! -- Kirsty

After years of sun and being outdoors my skin was looking older than I felt. I came to Sara for help and her facials and products have really helped slow down, and reverse the aging of my skin. It hasn't looked this good in many years. Thanks Sara.
-- Karen, age 46

Sara's facials are like no others. She starts with a warm foot bath and then mixes facial cleansing and moisturizing with face, arm, neck and foot massages. It's a wonderful soothing and rejuvenating experience. No pretentious big salon, just a real person with the skill and desire to take care of the special qualities of your unique skin. What could be better? -- Naomi R.

Sara is exceptional beyond compare. There is no one else out there including Newbury Street that gives you an hour and a half at 80 dollars. She used high end products and really knows her stuff. I have never met anyone who gives an amazing consultation and massage including hand and arms. I have been going to her for years and am never disappointed. You should run not walk to her spa and you will not be sorry! -- Karen

I highly recommend Sara Jamison Esthetics. Sara is a knowledgeable aesthetician who treats her clients' skin with gentle yet effective therapy. I experienced a noticeable improvement in my skin in just over a few months working with Sara. Sara's approach is to address the problem(s) for a long-term solution rather than a quick-fix, and she doesn't attempt to sell unnecessary products or services. The whole experience is relaxing and positive from the intimate salon to Sara's obvious skill. I believe that you will be more than satisfied with Sara's service and encourage you to visit Sara Jamison Esthetics for your next skincare treatment! -- Laura

Dear Sara, Just a note to put in writing what I've told you. You are the best esthetician I've ever seen. My skin is delicate, fussy, and still prone to break out; even though I'm getting too old for that. Sara, your deep understanding of skin and appropriate treatments have helped me to see a new face in the mirror. The environment in your salon is so restful that I leave feeling restored. No one has ever matched you in my experience. -- Deb

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